Fòrum Telecos UPC-13th May 2020 (postponed)


The day of the event remember to bring your CV if you are interested in connecting with the participating companies!
Additionally, if you want companies to get to know you before the event do not forget to fill the form below.


Companies are offered a stand so they can present their projects to students and recruit those who better match their needs. If you are interested in participating or want to receive more information about the event please contact us at info@forumtelecos.upc.edu or fill the form in the Contact Us section.

Location and schedule of the event

The event will take place in UPC Campus Nord in front of A2-A6 buildings. 

8:00-9:00       Stand assembly

9:00-9:30       Coffee break

9:30-10:00     Official opening

10:00-14:00   Opening doors to public

14:00-15:00      Business lunch (Fòrum closed)

15:00-18:30      Reopening doors to public

18:30-19:00      End of Fòrum Telecos and stand disassembly

Confirmed attendants

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